1. Fog
  2. Light Mist
  3. Heavy Mist
  4. Mizzle
  5. Spit
  6. Drizzle
  7. Sprinkle
  8. Light Rain
  9. Rain
  10. Showers
  11. Squall
  12. Downpour
  13. Sheets
  14. Torrents
  15. Cats and Dogs
  16. Buckets
  17. Monsoon—“Frog-Choker”

Where we live, it rains plenty (average of over 6 feet per year). Rain falls in many patterns, so we’ve compiled a “Rain Scale”, 17 stages of rain with “fog” the lightest form of rain. Some may question fog as a category of rain, but sitting in the thick fog all day in September on the High Divide in Olympic National Park, we were soaked!. Monsoon (aka “frog-choker”) is what we’re calling the heaviest rain. This is a work in progress, so feel free to comment and add your ideas. Also, check the Beaufort Rain Scale from the Brits (another rainy place) which breaks rain into a scale of 11. See the Beaufort Rain Scale.

2 thoughts on “17 WORDS FOR RAIN”

  1. I remember having this conversation with you people at the beach! I love the list. I saw fog this morning and it's just so fitting. Love the frog-killing too!

  2. Also, I am reading a book called The Anthology of Turquoise, and I discovered that the Mayas have 9 words for the color blue. Thus, it seems only fitting that we should have 17 words for rain!

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