The classic path for growing a Christian community. This innovative guide to Christian formation offers an ancient-yet-contemporary approach to growth in Christ. Providing practical guidance for pastors and lay leaders in the local congregation and help for home groups, house churches, and small groups, Ancient Paths will show you the way that has formed millions of Christians over the last 1,500 years.

“I highly recommend David Robinson’s Ancient Paths. Robinson’s pastoral heart is evident as he carefully peels back the layers of monastic wisdom–in practical and commonsense ways.” —LAURA SWAN, OSB, author of Engaging Benedict

“Whether you are engaged in public office or business or a member of AA or a local parish, Ancient Paths applies the values of St. Benedict’s sixth-century monastic Rule to your circumstances in modern life. This author is a path-finder.” —BROTHER BENET TVEDTEN, OSB, author of How to Be a Monastic and Not Leave Your Day Job

“This is a book by an experienced Benedictine–not a monk and not a Catholic, but a Protestant pastor with a family who has spent twenty years living and studying the Rule of Benedict. His style is simple and gentle; his many suggestions practical; his sincerity palpable.” —FR. HUGH FEISS, OSB, author of Essential Monastic Wisdom