A Sonnet on Anointing
The moon in fullness smiles upon the night,
Among the darkened trees a glimmer shines,
In pleasant places are the boundary  lines,
Along the shadowed lane Epiphany’s light.
We’re welcomed in with grace and warmth and tea,
To ponder pains of partings, loss and grief,
To bear another’s burdens brings relief,
We’re lightened singing confitemini.
With invocations, candlelight and song,
The oil of gladness brightening our hearts,
Anointing flows from heaven’s healing arts,
From Bethlehem we join the festive throng.
Your cross and passion Christ to us you bring
Eternal life and healing love to sing.
~David Robinson, January 21, 2011

1 thought on “ANOINTING”

  1. Thank you David and Thomas…really beautiful. I was wondering. I just found out my cousin lost her oldest son after a tumor operation on his throat. He had been serving in Afghanistan and was brought stateside for the operation. I thought your sonnet was appropriate but didn't want to "steal" it. Would give you credit, of course. Thanks, Sue Bastiani.(Totally understand if you say no can do.)Forgot my password!

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