As though expecting something greater yet,
From high up in the Hemlock trees they sing,
At first a few lone voices start their set,
Then others enter in the chorusing.
Around the world the sunrise ever runs,
To scatter shadowlands with dawning light,
The turning globe receives the morning sun’s
Rejuvenating rays with sheer delight.
The birds at least, they somehow seem to know,
That Christ was risen from the dead at dawn,
Their chorus every morn it seems to show,
That everything that breathes is truly drawn;
To lift our voice in praise and adoration;
Our purpose so to practice resurrection.*
By David Robinson, written on Easter, April 24, 2011
*”practice resurrection” is a phrase from Wendell Berry’s “Manifesto of a Mad Farmer”

The title “Dawn Chorus” is from Gordon Hempton’s Emmy winning sound documentary of birds singing at dawn all over the world, titled, “Vanishing Dawn Chorus”.