Everyday Humility: Twelve Humble Steps into a Life of Joy is now available at Amazon for $12/copy.

Everyday Humility invites you to discover a life of joy by learning to walk in the way of genuine humility. Humility and joy grow best when we engage in life-giving, down-to-earth practices, such as the twelve steps presented in Everyday Humility:  going outside, stepping aside, being mentored, making music, walking in a relaxed manner, loving simplicity, cultivating gratitude, offering hospitality, loving silence, becoming childlike, speaking gently, and living humbly. Through such down-to-earth ways of living, humility and joy grow in a person’s life. Everyday Humility explores Jesus’ way of humility and joy, rooted in the ancient writings of St. Benedict, especially in chapter seven of The Rule on twelve steps of humility. Down-to-earth humility grows from a spiritual life rooted in the good earth of Christ’s love, developing an authentic spiritual life that is personal, sincere, real, earthy, and attractive. Everyday humility leads to delight and a life of joy. Everyday Humility connects with each of the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, providing a twelve-step, year-long, month-by-month resource that meets the needs of people who seek God and who desire a life of greater joy. This resource may be used in ministry contexts, such as with home groups, small groups, or leadership team development, as well as for individual faith development over a period of a full year of journeying into a life of greater humility and joy.