Jonah Project Week 18

Jonah Project Week 18

O Lord, you have done as it pleased you. 

This Jonah Project reflects upon one verse per week from the Book of Jonah. Here at the end of Jonah chapter one, here are a few highlights from the past seventeen weeks from the Book of Jonah, chapter one:

1. The word of the Lord keeps coming to us, especially when we open our lives and listen.

2. Our world is full of troubles, including so many people in so many great cities crying out for help. Who is willing to go, bringing God’s compassionate heart to this world?

3. Like Jonah, maybe you too have attempted to flee from God, avoid God, neglected God, or sought to get away from the presence of God.

4. Storms come into our lives, sometimes causing great troubles, threatening to break up our lives.

5. Even well-seasoned travelers become afraid in the midst of such storms. In the face of our fears, join others to cry out to God for help.

6. Who is holding you accountable for living wisely? What captains do you have in your life? Who keeps encouraging you to get up, wake up, grow up, and call on God?

7. Decision making involves acts of faith.

8. Most of us want to know why troubles come upon us. Learn to ask people good questions about their lives.

9. Who are you? How do you describe your core beliefs?

10. What do you do when you are full of fear?

11. Seek ways to quiet your life this week. Ask yourself, “what shall I do that this storm may quiet down?”

12. Bear one another’s burdens.

13. Trying harder can be an act of compassion for others, even when these efforts fall short.

14. O Lord, you continue to do as it pleases you. Help me to please you in what I do.

15. Play the Crazy-Calm game with a child this week.

16. Love God, offer a sacrifice of your life, make promises to God.

17. Just as Jonah was in the belly of the great fish three days, so Jesus was crucified, buried and rose again on the third day. Remember what the Lord has provided in your life.