Journey First Steps along the Strand

Our pilgrimage journey began on European soil today, including 5-6 miles taken along the eastern shore of Jutland, Denmark in the coastal fishing village of Skagen. The image above was painted by P.S.Kroyer, Danish impressionist painter, in 1893. This is one of my favorite paintings, as Kroyer portrays our life as a journey we take together, step by step, with others, especially one a few others who know us well and love us. Trina and I walked along this same beach today, 5 or 6 miles to the Grenen lighthouse and back. Here’s a gallery of this journey’s first steps along the Strand.

The image from through the railing out over the harbor is from our apartment deck. Skagen is one of the leading fishing harbors in all of Denmark. Graffiti is on a concrete bunker built by the Germans during WWII when Germany occupied Denmark for several years. The lighthouse is at Grenen, the most northerly point of Denmark, and 2nd tallest lighthouse in all of Denmark. Several images of Trina walking along the strand, in same places as Anna Ancher and Maria Kroyer in the famous painting by Maria’s husband, P.S. The second to last image in gallery is our apartment building next to the sea, with the famous Skagen red roofs and yellow paint.

Tomorrow, we’ll visit the Skagen Museum to see P.S.Kroyer’s famous painting once again, along with hundreds of other Danish impressionist paintings from the late 19th century. Kroyer’s painting is also featured on the cover if a book titled “Soul Mentoring”, which I’ve recently had published by Cascade Books (Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2015; see Soul Mentoring flyer).

We also hope to rent bikes to explore this amazing landscape, and smell the bright and fresh sea breezes from two oceans, the north Atlantic and the Baltic.