It doesn’t make sense to me that all humanity is dependent upon one person, upon one life, death and resurrection. How can it be that so many billions and trillions of people throughout all time need to turn and believe in one man, said to be God, who isn’t even seen. How is this the necessity in order to have meaning in life and meaning after life?  That this one person would have the audacity to ask you to change your entire life to live like He did. Doesn’t that seem a little self-centered? And yet. Yet, what a life to live up to: a life that is exactly opposite of self centered. In humility, he served others, putting himself down to raise others up. So selfless that he gave up his life so that you may live. There is no greeter example of love. No greater story. No greater truth. It is not for Jesus’ good that He asks you to live like him, no. It is for your own good. For through him, we receive the greatest treasure. It is in this we hope, in His love that we take faith in following the unseen.

Written by Thomas Robinson 2 Jan 2010

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