It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many forms of beauty that are universally recognized. For instance – who doesn’t think a vibrant sunset is beautiful? Or a sleeping baby? Or a creek through a lush forest or the sun glinting of curving dunes? Or the male or female form? Or the moon or stars? Or a life well lived?
    What is it about these things that makes them beautiful? They are all part of creation. Made in God’s hands and given with love for all to enjoy. If these things are truly created in God’s image, what a beautiful God we serve!
    Yet beauty is more than we see, more than that which is physically evident. An action can be beautiful. The giving of one’s self through love has more beauty than that a grain of sand can contain; for it is a reflection of the relationship that God originally intended. How beautiful it would be to be totally vulnerable, yet totally loved. Yet this is the kind of love the Jesus gives to us. To lay down his life upon that cross in total suffering so that those whom captured and killed him could be set free. What beauty!
    If the beauty on this earth and love shared by those who inhabit it are but a mere reflection of God, than God’s beauty is must be more beautiful than any of us can ever imagine possible. More than any eye could behold. 

Written by Thomas Robinson – May 2009