Wisdom from the JMT

Muir Hut at Muir Pass, elevation 11,955′

In Summer 2021, my wife Trina and I hiked 200 miles along the John Muir Trail (JMT) , the longest wilderness trail uninterrupted by a road in the lower 48 states of USA. The JMT crosses 12 mountain passes, the tallest of which, Forester Pass, at 13,180′ is the highest place along the entire Pacific Crest Trail.

Our hike began at Horseshoe Meadows, at Cottonwood Pass Trailhead, 25 miles south of the JMT. We joined the JMT near Mount Whitney at Crabtree Meadow, and hiked to Reds Meadow.

While hiking in a wilderness place as raw and beautiful as the JMT, we daily learned valuable lessons for living more fully once we stepped off the trail. Here’s some of the wisdom learned from hiking the John Muir Trail

1.    One step at a time.

2.    Hike your own hike (HYOK).

3.    Live simply.

4. Bring natural beauty inside.   

5.    Breathe in God’s breath of life. Pray as you breathe.

6.    Be grateful for small things. 

7.    Take time daily to care for your body, especially your feet and your soul.

8.    Live with thankfulness.

9.    Pause, look up, reflect, meditate through the day.

10.  Live with forgiveness.

11.  Press on through pain, through burned out forests, over mountain passes.

12.  Enjoy God’s great nature and beauty in Creation.

13.  Choose love.

14.  Sing more often.

15.  Be attentive to God moments that may come unexpectedly along the journey.

16.  Spend less time on social media, more time listening to the voice of the eternal and loving One.

17. Hike at the pace of grace.

18. Focus on what is most important.

19. Greet people as though they are part of your life and family.

20. Laugh more.